Double 12 Inch 450W Liner Professional PA Speaker Full Range PRO Audio

  • Double 12 Inch 450W Liner Professional PA Speaker Full Range PRO Audio
  • Double 12 Inch 450W Liner Professional PA Speaker Full Range PRO Audio
  • shandong
  • CE, ISO
  • <>12
  • 1
  • $5.00-$50.00/ Piece
  • L/C,D/A
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Product Description:

Face/ Back

Bintangor , oak,okoume, pine, pecial ceder

Core :

Poplar, hardwood, birch, pine

Glue :




Thickness :



.: +/- 0.3mm, +/-0.2mm


1.22mts * 2.44mts,1250X2500MM

Moisture :


Density :

Minimum 600 Kgs/cbm


Seaworthy Pallet Packing with plastic Film wrapping on the inside

Main Features:
1. Anti-smoke: It is made of PVC high-gloss film and easy to clean.
2. wear resistance: special PET layer, sturdy and durable.
3. anti-humidity: surface film, reduce the direct contact between water and aluminum, and strong durability.
4. good touch: the surface has a film, the touch is smooth, changing the metal material cold and single feeling.
5. More colors: a variety of colors to choose from.
6. the price is moderate, cost-effective.. 

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